Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - it is anything that does not support your better self. It shows up in various forms, especially when you are over-worked, under-organized and highly distracted. 


Zero Clutter Life is dedicated to helping you break into new, more powerful territory. Practical services and simplified design helps you activate and sustain better spaces, systems, thinking and habits. This benefits you, your projects and those you influence. 

"Andrea is invaluable, because she will point out the part of your infrastructure which used to work but doesn't anymore...."


Robert M.,  Engineer, Entrepreneur

When we have clarity, purpose and proper systems in place, we achieve new levels of productivity. We effectively leverage our strengths and get impacting results. We get to be effective instead of busy.

My work specializes in spotlighting opportunities and designing solutions. Organization makes things look good. Simplicity makes them feel good. Together, they create space to access, and therefore achieve, one's deepest pursuits.

When we scatter our attention in too many directions, personal power gets diluted. Energy is spread thin versus having laser focus on the things that truly matter. Inevitably, resources get wasted on a variety of levels. It's time to steer with clear purpose and greater command.

Our lives can be big and complicated or small and simple. The bigger and more complex, the more structured they need to be to achieve our goals. Step one is to give yourself permission to enjoy life and have it work. Commit, and the way forward begins.

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