"Andrea is invaluable, because she will point out the part of your infrastructure which used to work but doesn't anymore...."


Robert M.,  Engineer, Entrepreneur

more detailed WORDS of appreciation

“Even for very organized people, Andrea is invaluable, because she will point out the part of your infrastructure which used to work but doesn't anymore....and infrastructure that you're attached to for whatever reason that really doesn't work for you. In this way she's much more than a designer, she's a passionate advocate for simple and beautiful living that empowers you." 


Robert M.

Entrepreneur, CTO, Engineer, Developer




"For those of us who are too busy, too lazy, or simply disinclined to spend the time to design our projects or spaces for maximum efficiency, Andrea is the answer. I'm an organized person (I generally know which pile to look in for any given item), but found myself getting lost in the details and unending to-do's which left me unable to focus on higher level thinking and the most valuable actions.  With me, Andrea started by getting familiar with my unique work style, current systems, and thinking processes.  She then designed simple and holistic organizational, spatial, visual, and accessible systems that encompass my entire office space and work flow.  The beauty of it is that she does this in harmony with my current way of being so it just naturally extends my efficiency without making major changes to how I think, process, or do.  Andrea is professional, sweet, and a complete organization and systems geek.  Whether project specific or ongoing, working with Andrea will produce positive results and ROI.”


Lance W.

Wealth Manager, Executive Director

"Andrea’s thinking and methods are unique, multifaceted and unconventional, yet also grounded in her approach.  She helped me create new open spaces in my office and home, improved my business processes, and help clarify and refine my intentions, goals, priorities and perspectives. 


Andrea is inquisitive and delightful to work with. As a consultant, she is also a partner who both listens to what I want, and challenges me to move beyond my comfort zone.  At times it required quite a leap of faith on my part, but the results of higher clarity in my purpose and greater work efficiency are reflected in wonderful changes in both my physical and mental space.  Life is less cluttered, freer, and more time is spent on things of deep meaning. She has set me off on a new and improved journey, both personally and professionally, and given me the tools for unending improvement."


Beth H. MD

Board Member, Executive Director




"Andrea, I just wanted to let you know how marvelous your service has been for me and my company.  You came into my office and created so much possibility that at first I dreaded the thought of 'cleaning house', but you were so upbeat and enthusiastic about it, that I took it on.  Oh, what a change in the ability for all of us to work with greater use of our time and effort.  My clients have been so impressed with my staff and their ability to perform so efficiently.  My office is now designed for power and success.  I will not hesitate to refer you to my clients.  You are the best!”


Frank M.

Real Estate Broker




"The work I did with you helped me connect better with my team and I'm still working on the other changes I made within the agency.  Our work together brought to my attention how much I had taken on to manage and how many different balls I had in the air to juggle - so a lot of the changes I have made and are still making are letting go of some of those “balls in the air”. Thanks to you, I have also made self-care a huge priority and have been feeling less fatigued and overwhelmed because of it..... I am happy to help you market your services too as I think so many people desire simplifying and lightening their lives." 


Aleene A.

Insurance Business Owner Agent

"Andrea, since you designed our work and home spaces  we have succeeded in moving the energy and transforming our previous ‘stuckness’. Your work accomplished far more than we hoped for.  Money well spent!  We have implemented all the changes you suggested. It is all flowing great!  But, as you know, the space is only part of it. Here’s what has come of it: (...client’s detailed account of results...) We feel SO SO grateful for all you have done! You have incredible talent!!  My partner is finally doing what she wanted and I’m working on some huge projects for my business too, so we both have moved our energy into the life we were wanting. The energy is everything I could have hoped for, and more!  My custom Powerspace is perhaps the best part, along with the design elements which simplify everything.   It works, it flows, and I am on my way to ...(client details). These are all the things I was wanting, but was stuck, so thank you for your work, inspiration, and genius in transforming both my office and our home!”


Katharine S.

Acupuncturist, Artist




"Andrea brings the bright light of hope and creativity to my business.  She has unlimited creative solutions.  If you want to get things handled once and for all, hire Andrea.  If you want to design a space that empowers YOU, hire Andrea.  In short, if you want to be successful in an area of life where you are not currently experiencing fun, satisfaction and power, HIRE ANDREA!”


Hans P.

Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker




“In addition to having strong left-brained organizational skills, Andrea is excellent as a coach, motivator & designer.  In my extensive home and office challenges, her willingness to undertake varied tasks has been heartening.  Her ingenuity, tact, and resourcefulness kept me going.  She designed successful systems for my home, my office, and my personal management as well as re-design of my spaces for success.  Her friendly coaxing has resulted in dramatic improvement in a challenging family crisis.  She has shown continual good humor, energy, encouragement, and firmness when necessary to help me transform my environment and situation dramatically.  Andrea is a person of many talents, great imagination, and surprising inventiveness.  She has also been a coach for me in phone conversations,  and analysis of my goals and motivation.”


Dawn P.

Caregiver, International Traveler



"Andrea’s organizational work using her creative, artistic and highly intuitive skills has created an emotional clearing for me which has allowed me to move on with my life.  Her work has allowed me to create opportunities and also clear out emotional garbage.  Hiring Andrea has had more benefits than paying money out to a therapist!  Zen mind, empty mind, less worry, less anxiety.  I have cleared out, so I can receive.”


Jeff S.

Senior Financial Analyst




"Andrea,I want you to know how much your help has impacted me over the past month.  We have only met three times and already my daily life is brighter.  I'm not just wishing and hoping.  I'm not frantic over every obstacle any more.  I have a “can do” attitude now, rather than feeling overwhelmed.  I found myself working on my projects without feeling anxious.  I smile more.  I have been much more lighthearted.  Even the family notices and the best part is the design you are doing.  It works smoothly every day.  For some people it comes naturally.  But for me, it took your expertise and your calming, encouraging organization of my vision to convince me it can be done.  And, that it is the right thing to do right now, rather than some time later “when I have time”.  I have put some money and my own time into it all but I find it is an investment that will pay back for years to come.  I can see how it “fits” into my future.  With a coach like you, there is no “false start” or wasted time.  Hey, even Tiger Woods has a coach!”


Linda C.

Business Owner, Householder

We are two high-tech professionals with two  children.  After working with Andrea for only a short time, we soon discovered that her talents went well beyond those of a professional organizer. She has a keen eye for design and making things both beautiful and functional at the same time. Andrea’s years of expertise are quickly noticeable, and her specialty is creating simplified systems where there is inefficiency or disorder.


She is willing to travel.  When we moved in 2010 from California to Germany on a job transfer,  Andrea came on very short notice to assist us in preparing and executing our move, to create an optimum design layout, and to set up organizational systems for our new estate. She supervised international movers, subcontractors and maintenance staff required on residence for a period of about 2 months.  She is resourceful, and even in a foreign country, showed her advanced computer efficiency and knack for solutions, prioritizing, and locating needed goods or services.


Andrea has a strong work ethic will deliver on all expectations, going the extra mile when life or home demands.  She has a positive presence, and has an upbeat attitude and a standard of excellence in organization, personal assistance and estate management.  I feel confident that Andrea would be as strong of a contributor to your organization as she was to ours.  

Julianne & Nick B.

VPs, CEO, Executive Director, Devoted Parents